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With Vivonet, we were able to track our data more efficiently and very conveniently. As a result, we were able to manage our food costs, reduce waste, and save a lot of money.

Waheed Khosdal
COO, Texas Chicken & Burgers


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Let's discuss how Vivonet Kiosk can streamline your education foodservices operations.


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What will I learn? 

This ebook will help you understand how hotels can create a more welcoming environment for a new generation of tech-savvy guests: millennials

What are the 5 essential elements that cloud technology helps the enterprise-level hotel brand to address?

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About the Author

Mike Nardi serves as Major Account Executive at Vivonet, with extensive experience in the hotels, resorts, and casinos spaces. He is passionate about the emerging cloud-based technology solutions that are transforming these industries, and that better serve the evolving expectations of increasingly tech-savvy guests.

What is in this ebook? 

By reading this  ebook you will learn how to optimize your hotel pantry and By reading this  ebook you will learn how to optimize your hotel pantry and By reading this  ebook you will learn how to optimize your hotel pantry and 

This ebook also covers:

Operational improvements

Kiosks  empower organizations to implement significant improvements to benefit your business including reduced costs, increased revenue, and greater profitability. You’ll discover the details.

Seamless integration 

Kiosks seamlessly integrate into an entire technology foodservices ecosystem to deliver valuable and actionable insights for improved business strategy. You’ll find out how this translates to company success. 

Self-directed guest experiences

Consumers expect to have more control over their transaction experiences. Kiosks can provide that while still ensuring the experience is positive and reflects positively on your brand. You’ll learn how.

This ebook also covers:

How the Cloud Creates More Efficient Operations

Cloud based-technology for hotels helps to create better processes and greater efficiency to save organizations money and create traction for growth.

How the Cloud Enables Actionable Strategy

Cloud-based reporting allows for real-time analysis of incoming data across all areas and locations, informing more actionable strategy to serve guests better.

How the Cloud Enables a Superior Guest Experience

Integrated, self-directed, and personalized transactions that guests expect are part and parcel of a cloud based platform. You’ll find out how.

Millennial hotel guests expect more from their stay. Cloud technology delivers. How? Get the ebook.

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