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What will I learn? 

The technology of payments is changing. But so is the way that guests expect to pay for their experience.

What are those emerging technologies? Where are they gaining popularity? How must hospitality and food services organizations in the United States respond to serve an increasingly globalized generation of guest?

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Key Features

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What is in this ebook? 

By reading this  ebook you will learn how to optimize your hotel pantry and By reading this  ebook you will learn how to optimize your hotel pantry and By reading this  ebook you will learn how to optimize your hotel pantry and 

This ebook also covers:

Operational improvements

Kiosks  empower organizations to implement significant improvements to benefit your business including reduced costs, increased revenue, and greater profitability. You’ll discover the details.

Seamless integration 

Kiosks seamlessly integrate into an entire technology foodservices ecosystem to deliver valuable and actionable insights for improved business strategy. You’ll find out how this translates to company success. 

Self-directed guest experiences

Consumers expect to have more control over their transaction experiences. Kiosks can provide that while still ensuring the experience is positive and reflects positively on your brand. You’ll learn how.

This white paper also covers:

What every hospitality and food services organization needs to know about emerging payment technology, and what companies must do to serve guests better in light of them.

This white paper also covers:

The importance of mobile-based payments

Mobile technology is empowering new generations of people to take control over the payment process. You’ll gain insight on who is innovating and where the mobile payments trend is heading to set the pace for everyone

EMV technology and security requirements

Payments need to be secure in the U.S hospitality and food services industries targeted by cybercriminals. You’ll find out how EMV technology adoption is helping to curb data breaches and to instill greater confidence in the payment process.

How to serve global guest expectations around payments

Hospitality and food services guests can come from anywhere, and expect a seamless experience when it comes time to pay. You’ll learn the emerging trends that brands must consider to stay competitive.

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