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With Vivonet, we were able to track our data more efficiently and very conveniently. As a result, we were able to manage our food costs, reduce waste, and save a lot of money.

Waheed Khosdal
COO, Texas Chicken & Burgers


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What will I learn? 

In the competitive hospitality and food services industries, operational agility and keen intelligence enabled by the POS can be the deciding factor between game-changing wins and lost opportunities.

 This free ebook outlines 9 signs that it’s time to invest in a new point-of-sale .

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Key Features

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About the Author

Rob Jones is a writer and content specialist. He works very closely with resident hospitality and food services experts at Vivonet who know the industry and the technology trends that drive it.

What is in this ebook? 

By reading this  ebook you will learn how to optimize your hotel pantry and By reading this  ebook you will learn how to optimize your hotel pantry and By reading this  ebook you will learn how to optimize your hotel pantry and 

This ebook also covers:

Operational improvements

Kiosks  empower organizations to implement significant improvements to benefit your business including reduced costs, increased revenue, and greater profitability. You’ll discover the details.

Seamless integration 

Kiosks seamlessly integrate into an entire technology foodservices ecosystem to deliver valuable and actionable insights for improved business strategy. You’ll find out how this translates to company success. 

Self-directed guest experiences

Consumers expect to have more control over their transaction experiences. Kiosks can provide that while still ensuring the experience is positive and reflects positively on your brand. You’ll learn how.

This ebook also covers:

The Point-of-Sale as a Strategic Solution

How can a cloud-based POS help you better  manage operations? You’ll learn how a POS can be an engine for strategy as consumer expectations change.

Cloud-Based Technology and Your POS

Your POS should integrate seamlessly with other solutions so it can grow with you. You’ll learn how this is done far more easily in the cloud..

The Key Benefits of a Cloud POS

What should your POS do for you that it isn’t doing? The ebook addresses the key characteristics of a cloud-based POS that you must have to stay competitive.

Is your point-of-sale aging fast? How do you avoid losing competitive ground? Get the ebook.

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